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Time is of the essence with Association-controlled units. We step-in immediately after the Association takes possession of the unit to get it rented out quickly and manage the unit on behalf of the Association.

The result is that the Association can rapidly begin to recoup much-needed past due assessments. Our priority throughout the process is to protect the Association. We take the following measures:

  • Document the condition of the unit at time of possession.
  • Detail any necessary repairs, get quotes, and obtain Board approval in order to get the unit rent-ready.
  • Provide full disclosure to prospective tenant(s) regarding the status of the unit and the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Utilize attorney-approved leases and riders specifically written for Association-controlled units.
  • Provide tenant(s) with all required Association documents.
  • Proactively communicate with the community manager throughout the process to ensure compliance.


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In the current economic environment Condo Associations are losing valuable operating income due to historically high delinquency rates with regards to regular and special assessments.

More than $35,000 distributed to 1 Association in 7 months


This leaves the Association with only one option, which is to take legal possession of the unit and lease it out to recover these past due assessments.

At Generation Rent, we understand how lost income can affect the operation of a Condo Association. To effectively run a community, every dollar counts. We provide the service and expertise to re-coup this much needed income, and within a 12 month period our service can significantly reduce or eliminate the outstanding debt.

Generation Rent has years of direct experience managing complex condominium properties as well as Association controlled units within these properties. Our priority throughout the process is to protect the Association.

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